Poorvesh Patel

About Artist

Works, they actually come from the deep within, where I take a continuous battle with my alter ego. In that process sparks happen, as some frictions take place so my works take birth with every spark. Sometimes I think, it’s a long wait, that I am taking to have a big-bang somewhere. Sometimes it is like the moving scene out of the window of a running train.

Starting from the germination of a visual till its delivery on the canvas is a long way having some sharp bends where my mind has to take some quirky movements. Those movements are the abstractions which I play with, in my works. The shapes and the forms I have inherited, as I am too close to nature. The colour of rust excites me as I can see something beyond the rust. It is like seeing  another life after a loss. It is like the phoenix having a rebirth every time. Because I don’t believe in a complete end, I believe in the small chance, that remain every time when we think it is an end. So my works keep moving, on the wings of change.

My works are the amplification of personal journey, where protagonist is my colour scheme. Through that my emotional behaviour talks with the on-going socio-political scenario. Help that I take from my daily life and make a comparison with my sub-conscious to have a visual. I believe that concept is my work flow and that is Omni-present.