Prem Kumar Vaishya

About Artist

As a visual Artist, i strive to understand and question various relationships that surround us and interact with us on daily basis. My constant attempt has been to understand the pattern of co-existence and to find the true meaning of the word in its essence. The central theme of my artistic expression is the conspicuous relation between man and his natural surroundings. What we call co-existence becomes a natural act of existence for the other organism in nature. It is an unconscious choice for most part, for a bird to choose a specific tree to make nest and lay its eggs. On the other hand what would explain the relation between a weapon and the bird? Here we understand that the commonly used word co-existence is of an amalgamation or even a compromise to some extent. It  is this compromise that we make on a daily basis that actually make us “co-exist”. To be able to explore this concept and to express it within my works I work within the amalgamation of various materials. My fascination with the complexity of various materials in terms of their colours, textures, malleability and presence is explored and extended into my sculptures.