Mrudula Kunatharaju

About Artist

My artworks are a critical comment on social, political, cultural taboos that subjugate female gender. The sensitive qualities of my works comes from personal experiences that have made me question deep rooted prejudices which define the lives of women in the society.

Encountering violations and continuously being asked to self regulate one's own existence to cope and adjust with the violence is very much part of the lives of women. Personal encounters with such situations and sufferings of various forms of violations have changed my way of living and working. Unsolicited looks, acts of groping, touching, verbal abuse and other similar forms of everyday violence are invisible to a society that is conditioned in favor of the perpetrators. My metaphors thus come from such everyday objects and visuals.  

Materials play a very important role to convey my intensions and expressions to the audiences. Materiality of objects, and the meaning of materials; conceptual, visual and aesthetic, inform my practice. My works range from photorealistic miniatures, performative videos to installations that use enlarged forms of intimate garments.   

Questions around body, space and intimacy are central to my concerns as an artist.