Raj More

About Artist

To the artist and the audience, depicting the duress and the lust to contest, is seen in Raj More’s new series “Euphoric”. Where he does not speak but lives the duress and contest of his epoch in his paintings. His works inspire a common man’s inspiration to live and achieve successes in a city, allure for liquidity. His works portraits a superficial common man in a reality, who dares to see dreams in a settlement, where the artist awareness and attraction, are expressed in a poetic sense in laying, minimal color and optimal layouts in his series. His interpretive use of symbols and images constructs a nature of famous phrase “Survival of the Fittest”, where he sees similarities in man and animal existing in the same context towards life. These similarities are the driving force behind the style he expresses, and the artistic life he lives. 

Since then Rajhas expressed this style for last fifteen years working in Mumbai, Kandivali with an approach of contemporary thoughts and chunky content.  The colors applied thickly to a canvas have become a staple technique of modern abstract and semi figurative in his work. He seeks inspiration through the lifestyle and activities of slum culture, where his interest lies in developing the language representing the uncertainty and struggle to exist. This activism, in relation with his work can be experienced in those, rough patchy textures, seen in his paintings. This gives a feeling of crisis in one’s journey to survive, where he rehearses these methods of highly loaded texture paint with a symbolic gesture of ambitions and comparison of reality. This ability to characterize a peculiar state of survival and refining them into an artform is the beauty which voices out the commonality of his artistic imagination.

As viewers of art, we naturally focus on the finished product, the end result of the artist's labor. But some painting techniques draw our attention to the artist's process and make us think about how the paint was applied to the canvas. Impasto is one of these techniques. By applying paint to the canvas as thickly as possible, keeping the original brush marks visible, painters can create dramatic visual effects while also reminding us of the passion and the skill that went into the act of creation. In the artist work These paintings are mostly red, black, blue and yellow in color. They are all hot colors and highlight the sanguine nature of the city. The loaded strokes literally weigh the works and we could see the architectural features merging into a sort of abstraction in his works. These works could be called odes to the city of Mumbai. And each loaded stroke could also be seen as the building blocks of the same city. And if one tries to break it down to the constituent part of this city, one would reach a single slum cluster from which the city has metastasized into innumerable edifices and verities. 

He captures the variations of Mumbai; its character and so his paintings have socio-political message and events that develop the personality of Mumbai, He brilliantly paints mostly by using knife as a tool and uses colors lavishly to present the intricacies of each element that he portrays in his work; be it train, taxi, crow or simply the ground. 

His fascination towards Bollywood glamour and idol worshippers, are depicted in his work, a dialogue of awareness. By exploring a possibility between “Sai Baba” and “Amitabh Bachchan”, he finds two God like figures as popularly kwon and worshipped by all, and describing the beauty of his stylization and representation of the idols dialogue, in his work. The symbolic representation of the “crow”, and the “bull”, similarities are linked between human behavior and animal instinct to respond to a situation, visible in a contrast of luxuries and desires, where he signifies the crow’s glamourous nature as a surviving opportunist.

The thick strokes represented in yellow signifying the glory of a “bull” referring to the word “bhai” and its power to ride anything into successes with its muscularity and juxtaposing it with cities, elite class and the culture of financial power which makes his works reveal in stages to the viewer. The belief of Migration as explained by the artist, his concern is not over the interstate migration, but the migration of local people been transported due to economic slavery, the artist has expressed his style in ways which reflects the difficulty of managing the premises and leaving Dadar to Virar.  

Mostly to some extent the artist has expressed concerns in symbolic representation of issues with women seen as objects of pleasure by few. Which has affected him and never before he has introduced or shared his opinion. He uses the crow’s beaks with a bra coming from multiple places where the artist expresses his concern of people who have intension and the motive to cause harm and physical assault to women. The recent stampede in Elphinstone station in Mumbai which opened many eyes of people travelling by train and walk way bridges. Raj had visions of all this before the incident took place where he expresses meat hanging in train like dead meat the status of all train commuters and their travelling issues with the railways. Somehow the artist is sensitive and emotional with these issues and his works describe the may be possibilities of such events in future.

As the shadow falls the city revels its true authenticity. Activities which hunt escorts and Gigolos for physical pleasure the artist has represented his Bollywood influences and memories in introducing them as pop culture or city art where he finds visuals to convey his expression into awareness and humor in the elites of the city. Demonetization recently have changed the dynamics of business and expectations of growth in the country. In many peoples mind there have been experiences which have been bad and worst which had made the artist express his personal situation in a painting he tittles Jok……. ar. Considering the demonetization idea was a flop and the controversies around it after math. The artist shares and expresses his view point through a self-portrait of him portraying as a Joker holding the newly printed two thousand notes. The visual is so promising that it makes the viewer aware of the demonetization act and the manner, the way it was implemented.

Through the studio window a huge forest exist that is under destruction due to the city infrastructure projects.  Raj expresses that is a LOC not India or Pakistan but Leopard out of control. The artist has expressed concerns of Humans entering animal kingdom and the effects of the situations in the surrounding locality and inconvenienced caused to people.  With these factors the artist explains that the city is like two sides of coins in his painting which highlights the reality and luxuries of urban dream.

Raj is sensitive and loves to paint his emotions on the canvas. His interest in Bollywood, Nature, People etc. are subjects of curiosity and culture that he represents in his artworks. His use of symbols represents a direct and indirect ways of seeing things in reality of life. His social and national interest of activities, invites and generates ideas through his paintings and awareness in viewers mind.  Through the artist eyes life is full of humor, drama, activism and the most important money where Raj More experience has transformed into expression of visual reality and living dream.

The Artistic urge of curiosity and unseen pleasure in representing the man of dreams, where struggle means passion and survival is identity. The artist absorbs these qualities and observations of his surrounding nature in a land of desires with his unique style and approach where he present “Euphoric”