Rajib Chowdhury

About Artist

My affair with art for almost two decades, has given my art practice a vocabulary that I am still dealing with, both in terms of use of materials and visual language. Never the less, a certain maturity and control that may have sipped into my language of expression, justifies my concerns both as an artist and as a human being that I have been experiencing in our day to day life, both personal and political. A range of mediums that have attracted me to express myself over the years, be it oil, acrylic, water colour, drawing, printmaking and most recently digital art, have given a new flavour to my art practice, that keeps exciting me and brings fresh energy to experiment  with things that are more challenging to me, everyday.

The common man's plea, socio-political chaos and terror in various forms canopying our lives presently have greatly influenced the visuals of my works. The human brain has become a fertile land, where violence gets induced constantly these days. Social media and news lends a lot of fodder to my thought process that gets expressed metaphorically in many of my works. Also my readings of some great poet like Agha Sahid Ali (Kashmiri poet) and Srijato Bandyopadhyay’s (Bengali contemporary poet) poems have lent strong visuals and undertones of society and politics to my pictorial expression. Religious and political terror erupting in micro and macro forms across the globe these days has become a subject of investigation in many of my works, where at times I directly portray these incidents and at times veil them under texts and shrouded imagery that may otherwise lend a journalistic approach. These days we fight for power and victory, that doesn't seem to come from a noble deed or cause but generates from our animal instinct, that the human race has shown in the past through bombing and use of nuclear weapons to achieve power(of various kinds) and seems to be more and more barbaric with acquired knowledge and technology.

Investigating history and its aftermath many of my works deal with mass slaughter in the name of the holy war. My canvases are stained with drops of fresh blood of innocent people whose lives have got endangered or lost in various degrees of violent acts. Curfew, stone pelting, pallet gun shots, splatters and stains of wailing woman and screaming people, play hide n seek in my works. Enshrouded in an invisible veil, through layers of text and images, I weave tapestries of violence and terror that history has witnessed and that has become the focal point of our activities today. Skeletal forms of birds, animals and humans depict the monstrous form; the human act is taking these days, only to show us the doomsday in future. Through the device of false promises, we are making lines and boundaries according to our convenience, both political and geographical strangling, our will of liberation and self-knowledge. Our lives these days oscillate between the peace-maker and peace-breaker.

My works are just the outcome of such things. In this way I can some up my work as the depiction of what is going on around us; war, resistance, casualties, restlessness, self-defence and security measures. Previously as an artist I used to create what I liked and admired. However, the present scenario has somehow forced me to create what I do not like as I want people to have a glimpse of what we have made our world to be.