Kondandarao Teppala

About Artist

Kodanda Rao’s  paintings create a deliberate dialogue between the crowd and the individual and the constant fluctuations of the two in social contexts. Primarily landscapes, they often include architectural details and anonymous populations. Faceless masses of people open up a spectrum of readings. Rao points out  the ‘crowd’ is a volatile organism that is indefinable and can morph into anything, in these works, the body politic seems subject to the forces of nature, history is shaped by the collective force of individual wills. To Rao, the ‘crowd’ and the ‘individual’ are caught in an inherently dysfunctional relationship, in a state of constant ebb and flow.

Rao strikes a careful balance between the overall composition and fine detailing in these works. His colour sense is artificial and the works hover between abstraction and representation. His small to large paintings, allowing us to witness something of his powers of observation.