About Us
Vis-a-Vis is a part of Vis-a-Vis Art Therapy, founded in 2009. Vis-a-Vis is the CSR established by the Zydus family, in large part through the vision and effort of Mr. Ramanbhai Patel, founder of Zydus Cadila leading pharmaceutical Company of India with valuation over $8 Billion worldwide. We are in process of building an Art Village, to be opened in summer of 2018. This is the initiative of Ms. Gira Patel (daughter of Ramanbhai Patel) and Vijay Patel.

After moving from California, we built Vis-a-Vis on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and love. We share a passion for the fine arts, and Vis-a-Vis was our opportunity to create a venue showcasing art that would affect the world in a really positive way. Our mandate is nurture and support new young upcoming artists of India.

In 1999, with background in design and art we had established an animation and design studio in Silicon Valley called Vis-à-vis, Inc. We have worked closely with Lucas Films, Sony Pictures and Hasbro toy maker. We have designed with the local San Francisco artists one of the bestselling coffee table book ‘The Wildlife of Starwars’.

In 2007 we decided to move back to be closer to our parents and raise our son in India. We wanted to position ourselves to the diverse local perspectives with a global viewpoint. We house imminent young talented artists and provide them a platform to reach out to the audiences. We sponsor their exhibits and art shows around the country. We provide a supportive platform for our artists, because when they are creating art they are focused on the creative process. We specialize in contemporary artists and provide giclee prints to them. We pride ourselves on offering a range of art that will appeal to everyone. We have exhibited at many venues around Ahmedabad.

We also take an active role in the community; donate to local Blind Association and Women’s empowerment charity.

Our philosophy is making sure that the artist is completely satisfied. We work hard to provide a supportive and caring platform for the artists. And for the collectors we add a personal touch to the task of viewing and choosing artwork for their home or office. We want them to cherish the art for generations.

Gira & Vijay Patel