Art Care
The weather and dust in India requires good care of your fine art. Always dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth. Be sure to use dry cloth for oils and acrylics. You can use compressed air in a can to blow away surface dust. Another technique involves using a dry soft sable brush to lightly brush the surface in order to dislodge dust while holding hand held vacuum to capture the dust. If your artwork has glass, clean only with a very mild soap and water mixture. Do not use window cleaner or similar chemicals.

While moving your art, remember to use both hands while lifting or carrying it. Using both hands minimizes stress on the frame and risk of accidents. If you need to transport the piece, be sure to lay flat cardboard underneath and in between pieces. Try not to stack art on top of one another. Do not leave pieces in extreme heat while moving or storing art. Heat can cause irreplaceable damage to art. Try to store pieces in a cool, dry environment when possible.

Last but not least, be sure to place your art where it may be enjoyed! And PLEASE hang it eye level.