Chander Parkash

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  • 29th ,nov .1974
  • Master in sculpture from MS University 2002.
  • Many exhibitions Indian and abroad.
  • More then 50 National and international sculpture symposium.
  • Working in Vis a vis studio Baroda

Wood ,glass and papier mache

This sculptures consists of three portraits ,which has a strong bond between them .Their interdependency is the equilibrium of the composition.Here the composition plays the most significant part.It represents an interaction between varying cultures.Among the three portraits one is unrecognised.Its purpose is just to appease the composition. There is a glimpse of time gap in it .

I was inspired by old civilization "Mohanjodaro".They appear as excavated peices of paleoart. The texture appears as an antique effect.I have tried to give it an earthy effect of paleoart by using tea and coffee wash.