Martin Riveros
About Martin Riveros :

Martin Riveros is yet another example of the magic found in the paintings of Chilèan artists. Steeped in the tradition of magic realism, Riveros creates work that subtly communicates a feeling of romanticism. Regardless of subject matter, the magic is found in all of his paintings, from landscapes to sensual female figures. To view a Riveros painting is to enter a place of tranquility and mystery.

The artist was born in 1990 in Quilpuè,Chilè. He began painting at age 11, inspired by a curiosity of discoveries to be found while working on canvas. At age 12, in 2002, he began his study with visual artist Claudio Douzet in the city of Villa Alemana. The tutelage continued until 2008, when he entered the University of Playa Ancha to pursue of Bachelor of Arts degree. By age 15, he was exhibiting in a number of venues both locally and nationally. He was recently selected to participate in a global exhibition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. The jury included such esteemed artists as Spain's Master Painter Antonio Lopez and Norwegian Master Odd Nerdrum. In 2012, he was awarded first prize in Painting Valparaiso, an exhibition held in Galeria Municipal in Vina Del Mar.

Riveros lives in Valparaiso, where he works in a variety of genres including painting, sculpture, and photography.