Rachana Badrakia

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My Art practice includes printmaking, painting and at times new media. Working with mix media in printmaking has various possibilities and also complexities. I always enjoy doing experiment with Traditional Printmaking by applying new mediums. Lines and space play a prominent part in my works. A small mark or scratch on a surface change the perspective for a viewer but for the artist it is pain, anger, suffering or an imbalance in relations, searching for purity within and from my surroundings. Subtle lines creating an abstract form which is floating yet stuck with background.

Abstract form is something that they speak about some truth. It is an endless effort. Endless efforts to abstraction from semi realistic method. It is Fundamental. Sometimes your intuition also supports you to build beautiful form which you can identify as impression from our subconscious mind. The intuition of form is always an intuition of Truth. It is a form of one’s own action & feeling which you cannot describe in exact words. It is all about human sentiments, love, truth, aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment in deeper sense. For me, the process of creating an art is sometimes complete absence or extreme presence of pain.

These Lines defines different energy, different mental state. It is an Artist’s medium of communication and expression. That energy is travelling, travelling from one place to another place. It looks like a small mark or a curve, but with deep wound inside. Each and everything is connected universally. Repeating forms are like the process of meditation. It is all about Human sentiments. It is my own journey; memories of joy happiness, love and pain.