Raj More
About Raj More:

Artist Raj More has been busy with his canvas since the last 15 years. The Urban city has kept him alive with its fascinating sights & sounds. He chooses urban metros cities as the ultimate destination for his work & loves to explore cities which are very well reflected in his work. The aspiration of urban middle class always inspired him which is reflected in his work. He believes, “Every Urban City in the world has a soul of its own and it talks to you”, that’s why he always expresses this as the language of his work. His motivation behind his work the involvement and its circumstances, elements like vehicles, animals and beauties. He takes Bollywood beauties as the subject in his work as a multifaceted part of life. He mostly takes the Bull symbol to represent a controlling power of a city, exposing a serious gap between the rich and the poor. Yes, he agrees that he capture violence, but it is religious or from Bollywood, as these are parts of an urban space. He can’t deny all these things and so it appears in his work. Furthermore, humor is the medium of thought in his work.

Raj More lives and works in Mumbai. Born 20th February, 1974, Akola, Maharashtra, India.

Raj More lives and works in Mumbai. Graduate from “Sir J. J School of Art’’ Mumbai in 1999 and after he passed out he is working in the field of visual art for last 15 years. He has dedicated his life in doing Painting & field of visual Art.

Raj More lives and works in Mumbai. He has done Art Exhibition in India, Korea & Europe. He got national & international Award & Scholarship for his works.

He won the National Award for 54th National Exhibition of Art organized by lalit kala Academy at New Delhi 2012.He is a Winner of 2010 Asia Art Award & Excellence prize. Present by EM Art Gallery & a collaborative venture with Korean Govt.Seoul, Korea.Winner of Hussain-Bendre awards by Bombay art society,Mumbai.

Dr. Manisha Patil curated show 'Rethinking the Regional', a collaborative venture of Shlok (Lokmat group) and NGMA at National Modern Art Gallery Mumbai2015. Peter Nagy has invited me for solo show which he curated at United Arts Fair edition 2nd, New Delhi 2013.

'Art 507' show Curated by Mia Jung at Lotte gallery, Seoul. Korea 2012. His work at Busan International Art fair & ASYAAF International Art Fair Curated by Dain Oh present by Gallery LVS, Seoul. Korea 2012.

United Arts Fair Curated by Johnny ML at New Delhi 2012.Johny ML curated SOFA at India Art Festival Fair, Mumbai 2011.

He has done solo shows -"Metropective MH01" at Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara curated by Vijay Patel 2012.

Urban Acrylics" curated by Mr. Ibrahim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi 2012."B 4 Mumbai" at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2011.

International Curator Michal Matej curated a show at Fine Art Gallery, Bratislava. Slovak Republic, EU-2010.

'Lifeline786 Mumbai' BMB Art Gallery Mumbai 2008.

Salaam Mumbai at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2006.

Pachola" at Roof Top Oberoi Gallery present by ING Barings Bank. Mumbai 1999. He has done same group show in short-- "DIVERGENT HORIZONS" Suresh Jayaram curated contemporary Indian art from Regional Centre at Lalit kala Akademi,Chennai 2014.

Palette art gallery curated by Rohit Gandhi, New Delhi 2014.

Hari Somakantam curated a group show at Art Stream Gallery,Singapore 2014."Seeing without words" curated by Monica Jain at Art Spice Gallery,New Delhi 2012.Confluence- BMB Art Gallery Mumbai 2011. ''

Dimensions in time & space' curated by Mr.Ebrahim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi 2010.

Bombay Boys" Gallery Beyond at Indian Habited Centre, New Delhi 2002. Since 1994, Raj More has held several solo & group shows and participated in some of the major exhibitions across the globe. His works were also featured in international auctions.