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Abhishek Pandey has always harboured a love for the arts. Starting with crafts and venturing into the world of traditional painting styles, as well as sculpture. His journey started when he realised that his love for art could not be contained merely through self-practice and amateur artistry. Thus, he set out to learn art at the university level, researching different fields of art, and finally getting admission to Banaras Hindu University, specializing in sculpture and large canvas works. His life has consisted of travelling and changing home bases multiple times, as he sought the perfect inspiration for his works and his art, intending to capture the vibes and aura of every city he travelled to, lived in, and made his own. Varanasi, Bhopal, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Delhi and many more cities and know in Pune, each of these cultural cities found a home in his works, tracing his journey of India on a canvas. A deeply spiritual soul, his works reflect his affinity for finding aural and spiritual senses in the cities and the streets he visits, connecting with his art at the level of divinity, one that can only come from unbridled imagination and inspiration from the very soul of the urban spaces that he, and many others before him, inhabited. His passion for uplifting local art communities by forming a fusion space with contemporary practitioners of the art and traditional Indian art forms and artisans has led to a deep understanding of the ethos of Indian art, and his works reflect his experiences building workshops and helping local communities flourish with their own artistic styles. And this is just the beginning for Abhishek. He intends to find beauty in the urbane, and represent the world around him, one canvas at a time.