Bhavin patel

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Born in the village of Variav, now a suburb of Greater Surat, Gujarat, he too belongs from a farmer’s family, much like the most of the families of his village, and has been part of the amazing process of turning sweat into food since his childhood.

Apart from the difficulties a farmer faces due to contemporary expectations, he was one of the fascinating observers of how urbanisation gradually buried its roots in the farmer’s way of life. In reaction, he focused more on the same area after graduating from V.N.S.G.U. Fine arts college, Surat. Initially, his effort was toward addressing the stark difference between rural life, farming, and urbanisation; however, as time went on, his practice became more metaphorical and object-based, and his work was strengthened during post-graduation from MSU Baroda. In this time by a number of internships and a farming- related dissertation. Later, he enrolled in a summer residence programme at Space Studio Baroda, where he had numerous opportunities to create more art and engage in social interaction. Now, have been working as a studio practitioner at VIS-A-VIS Artist studio in Vadodara for the past 1 year.