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Hiren Patel is a highly accomplished printmaker and painter hailing from Baroda, Gujarat. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts and went on to pursue a Post Diploma in Printmaking from The M.S. University of Baroda, a renowned institution for art education in India. Throughout his career, Hiren Patel has showcased his artistic prowess in numerous group exhibitions held across the country. His unique artistic vision and technical expertise have earned him recognition and acclaim, resulting in two successful solo exhibitions of his works. His exhibitions have provided a platform for viewers to engage with his thought-provoking pieces.

An esteemed artist, Hiren Patel has been honoured with several prestigious awards at both state and national levels. These accolades serve as a testament to his exceptional talent and contribution to the field of visual arts. His artistic journey is driven by a profound exploration of the dynamic interplay between technological advancements and the unmet needs of rural communities in India. Hiren's works illuminate the often-overlooked realities of rural life, shedding light on the challenges and aspirations of those living in these areas

Through his evocative prints and paintings, Hiren Patel invites viewers to contemplate the complex relationship between technology and human experiences. His art serves as a bridge, connecting disparate worlds and fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse cultural landscapes within India. With his distinctive artistic voice, Hiren continues to captivate audiences and inspire fellow artists with his compelling body of work